Here you may see the different categories of online marketing tool such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, etc., also subdivided into many parts such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO content marketing,  content writing, keyword research, social media marketing

For handling the above all category with perfection we need tools

Here I listed the free SEO tool that mostly covers all your needs with the help of 38 sub-tools within one tool:

I need to inform that I have discussed only the important free SEO tool that people engaging more with these SEOreviewtools


The free SEO tool that allows you to access nearly 38 real-time free digital marketing tool that boost your website ranking in SERP and this method is enough to fulfill your need as digital marketing

List of most popular sub-tools I have frequently using till now:

  • Keyword research
  • Content idea generator
  • Featured snippet
  • Content analyzer
  • Duplicate content checker
  • Keyword density checker
  • Readability checker
  • Link building
  • A social media marketing tool


To get more traffic and to be in the top of SERP you need to make your page fully optimized
in terms of

Queries Solution Through Tool
How Many Backlink You Have Use Backlink Checker
What Is Your DA & PA Score Use Domain Authority
Keyword Strength Use the Keyword Tool
Meta Title Optimization Use Bulk Title Tag
List Of Internal Link Interlink Checker
URL Readability Analysis Witty Status Code Use Bulk HTTP
Page Heading Summary Use Heading Checker
Mobile & Desktop Speed Analysis Check Google Page
Whether Using Robot.Txt Bulk Meta Robot
When You Have Amp Optimized Check Amp Tag
Are You Using Canonical Tag Check Canonical Tag
Social Media Monitoring Facebook Share
Count Checker,
Pinterest Count

 Now let see the tricks and step by step procedure for popular sub-tools



In this free SEO tool, you perform more than keyword research

  • You can verify that the chosen keyword has a better opportunity to get backlink through “link  building sub-tool”
  • Bu using “feature snippet sub-tool” you can optimize your content through question and answer type which increases your SEO score


Step 1: Enter the relevant topic that you need to write content, in “enter your keyword” box

Step 2: pick up a keyword from the list of suggestion; take it as your main keyword

Step 3:  now you need a secondary keyword to optimize your content, for that click “research keyword” that present right corner of your main keyword, you can see in the image

Step 4: Before finalizing your primary as well as secondary keyword, you want to verify the keyword strength by using search volume, CPC, the difficulty of your keyword; it seems to be present at the corner of all keyword suggestion

Step 5: by using “domain authority checker sub-tool” you need to verify the power of your competitor in terms of

  • How much DA score they have for the same keyword
  • If their DA triples the time of you, then change your keyword.



Step 1: Enter your primary keyword in the “enter keyword box”.

Step 2: Select your preferred language

Step 3: click “perform check”

Step 4: now the list of top 100 content topic based on your keyword display

Step 5: make use of this topic and increase your webpage traffic

Step 6: now you have the best topic for your content, now it’s time to optimize your content with a featured snippet


feature snippet tool from seo review toos

In this tool, a list of suggestion type keyword such as how to want, when, are can, where, which, who, why, will, etc., will be displayed on your primary keyword

snippet keyword is very essential to SEO and also to content marketing

You want to
optimize your content with this featured snippet with a unique answer.

Hear in this
image I have given the keyword as” website research”. 

If you have
the unique snippet with the answer, by chance your content will be displayed
while at google search “people also ask”  


In this tool,
you have the best platform to write content with all option you need to write a
content same as in word press

This sub-tool
also called alternative to WordPress “Yoast plugin” 

Content writing is not an easy method, because you have the responsibility to deliver a best highly researched content to your customer and next is to get traffic

So that you want to know how to optimize your content in terms of title, description, URL, the Header tag, call to action, etc.,

In this
sub-tool, they provide all the facility with SEO score by this you can verify
your SEO score for your content at the instant itself.

For this, you
need not go for some other website to analyse your content score

Also, you
have a separate score for

Page title

content writer from seoreviewtools

Meta description

meta description from seo review tools


content writing from seo review tools

If you done
any mistake at the time of writing your content in terms of

  • Spelling error
  • No proper title
  • No proper Meta description
  • No proper Meta description
  • No proper keyword optimization
  • No proper image optimization
  • No proper header tag and much more

All the errors will be notified at the bottom in red color, just like you have seen in the above image


duplicate content from seo review tools

After finish writing your content, it is mandatory to check whether your content has any
duplication issues

At the time of checking your content, it will analyze both internal and external duplication not only that it also verifies your title and description too.


keyword density checker from seo review tools

It is the presences
of how professionally your content has optimized with keyword

density is also called as keyword stuffing checker

Step 1: enter your webpage URL and click perform a check

Step 2: it will notify you in terms of

  • List of the keyword in that URL
  • Number of time you need that keyword with density %

Step 3: if the density % is more than 4 then the keyword is over-optimized so it leads to google penalize

Step 4: now you need to reduce that kind of keyword from your content

NOTE: the word that related to keyword has more than 4% then you need to act as soon as possible


It is also one of the best user engagement strategies to make them stay for a period and
that decreases your percentage of bounce rate.

If your content 70 % of the score then it is easy to read, it can be achieved only
follow the proper content optimization technique


It is one of the best parts in this SEOreviewtools


It is the process of increasing your page authority which means increasing the quality of your webpage by getting more do-follow backlink from the popular website


Step 1: enter your keyword, that’s your content main focus keyword

Step 2: select country, its depend upon your local SEO strategy

Step 3: select category, with respect to your niche

Step 4: click perform a check

Step 5: They have listed some of the popular methods to get a backlink

backlink generator fro seo review tools

Now choose
any one of the methods I have listed below

  • Guest post
  • Resources
  • Question and answers
  • Reviews
  • Social

By clicking this a list of website suggestions will be displayed. Now make use of this to get a backlink.

backlink generator tool


also called all in one SEO tool.
If you are an SEO professional you need not need any
other tool beside this

I know that I
have missed lots of sub-tool, but only the mention tool I have using till now
to get better ranking and traffic

If anything
you need to express, just comment in the comment box


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