Here I listed the seo checklist for all technical SEO, social media traffic, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, content optimization, traffic and you need not use all of these just take the section where you lagging


Writing a blog is not a simple task you need to remember a lot
of things and also implement it one by one at the time of writing

Also, you need to know when you want to use the tool because some of the tools are used at the beginning of the content and some of them at the end of the content

Most importantly you have to pick up the right tool otherwise
you will not able to achieve your goal

So that we not only mention the checklist and also include
the best tools with some WordPress plugin

The ultimate goal for writing a blog is to reach more people in other word we can say it to get traffic from all over the world or within your area

Being an affiliate marketer online entrepreneur service
business and manufacture it is not possible to get success without traffic for your
blog or website

Because only through traffic you can get a chance to show
your business to people, then only people come to know that this kind of
business exists over there


The first thing you mainly link your website with google
search console and with Bing webmaster

Why Bing webmaster?

Some percentage of the people in the world using Bing search
engine so you never want to miss even a single audience

Next, you want to link your website with google analytics

Now it is must mandatory that join google search console
with google analytics

If you are a WordPress website then you must install Yoast
plugin. This plugin will make your job easy in terms of update sitemap,
indexing, crawling of all new and existing page within your website

It is the first and foremost checklist you need to do


Even though you have in-depth details in your content but
the topic is not that must attractive that no one will show interest to see
your content

You don’t believe that there are five types of topic and you need to use it  in a different situation there are

  • Occasional trending  topic
  • Most shared social media topic
  • Highly searched user topic
  • Emotional topic
  • competitor winning topic


Their type of topic get more search only when some special
occasions like friendship day valentine day, father day

This occasional trending topic hit massive traffic only for one or two months although  it will get millions of visitor within short periods

This is mostly used for affiliate marketer, toy manufacturer
and also for gift manufacturer, news website, e-commerce and YouTuber

google trend

The only way to grab success as to how to use google trend perfectly


If you are an online entrepreneur, service-related business
and affiliate marketer this is the only way to show who you are to millions of
people within a short period of time

The only thing you need to do is pick up a topic that has
highly shared over in any social media where your targeted audience is more and
create a clickable image that directed your webpage

Also, write a blog using this topic

TOOL:, Google trend


This is the evergreen traffic generating topic, mainly used
for affiliate marketer, e-commerce, technical blogger, YouTuber, inbound marketing
and content writer

This kind of topic will give traffic all over the year

The only thing you need to implement very good on-page SEO
strategy in your website or blog

TOOL: google suggestion, google keyword planner, quora, Reddit, mix, tumbler


If a year-old topic loses its traffic at this situation you need to change the topic not only that you need to update your content with the current trend

After choosing the new topic you need to check the EMV score of your content. Suppose your score less than 75 then you need to add more emotional word till your EMV score got more than 80

EMV stands for Earned Media Value

Because there is a statistical report that high EMV scored
topic is the audience grabbing machine



Find your competitor top 5 page that generates nearly 50% of the traffic website

Just steel their topic and slightly modify it

Now increase the EMV score of the topic

Use this topic to prepare content and generate traffic to
your website

TOOL: ubersuggest, spyfy, moz, ahref


Keyword research is not mean that choosing one keyword to
showcase your content in search engine

You need to take different types of keywords for your content. They are.

  • Main keyword
  • Long-tail keyword
  • Secondary keyword
  • Lsi keyword

Hear each type of keyword has a respective role to bring
traffic to your content

Hence you need to use this keyword in the correct way

So that you must check whether these factors are included in the keyword factor are

  1. High monthly search volume with low competition
  2. Low difficulty score
  3. High priority percentage
  4. Keyword for local SEO or international SEO
  5. People searching for a problem they have in
  6. People searching for the solution they have in
  7. which include customer searchable phrase
  8. competitor ranking keyword

to fulfill this you need to know which tool is best suitable for all type of keyword


The MAIN KEYWORD: also called a “focus keyword”

TOOL: Google Keyword Planner, Uber Suggest, SEMRush, Ahref

LONG TAIL KEYWORD: also called as “no attribute keyword”

TOOL: Google Keyword Planner,, keyword everywhere, MOZ

SECONDARY KEYWORD: also called as “competitor keyword”

TOOL: Uber Suggest,  answer the public, spyfu

LSI KEYWORD: also called as “linking keyword”



Each and every point is mandatory hence don’t hesitate to follow while writing a content Because each point has a separate job to increase your page authority as well as ranking

  1. Your main keyword and long-tail keyword should be in your URL, Topic
  2. The main keyword must be in the first three paragraphs or within 100 words
  3. Your URL and topic must be the same
  4. The main keyword must be in Meta tag, Meta description, and also in Meta keyword
  5. If possible make subtopic as your secondary keyword
  6. Otherwise, include the secondary keyword in the subtopic
  7. LSI keyword needs to spread throughout the content
  8. It is mandatory that the first two subtopics must be in the format of voice search
  9. Use a minimum of three highly searched user topic as your subtopic
  10. To decrease the bounce rate and to make the user stay more time in your content make each paragraph do not exceed 50 words excluding space
  11. To safeguard your content form keyword density don’t use any type of keyword more than 6 time it leads to black hat strategy
  12. Mainly to decrease the bounce rate and to make p[people to visit more than one page include minimum of three internal links. The internal link must be anyhow connected to the current topic
  13. To improve credibility and increase the value of your content, including minimum 5 external link With In your niche
  14. To increase website speed the image you used should not exceed 200 KB, TOOL:,
  15. It will help google to understand easily what your content all about use header tahH1, H2,H3, H4
  16. Use the H1 tag only one time and that’s only in topic
  17. Mostly H2 and H3 tag must be used in the subtopic
  18. H4 tag should be used for the LSI keyword
  19. Also to adapt your content for feature google algorithm modify your content as voice search optimized which means your content flow like a story in terms of dual conversation and also include audio of your content, for example, see this traffic content
  20. Your content length must be more than 1500 word, b ut you need to remember one thing that you fail to provide the in-depth subject in your content even you come with 10000 words you not able to rank in SEO
  21. Include video at the top or middle of your content
  22. To find how your content is easy to read by user use readability checker tool:
  23. Your content has no grammatical error use tool Grammerly google chrome extension and links it with your word document

If you feel that it is very hard to remember all the point don’t
worry, the tool makes it easier for you


  1. Yoast – WordPress plugin


  • – SEO content editor



Also, there is some other tool to safeguard from google

Tools for plagiarism checker:

Tools for duplicate content checker: www.SEOreviewtools

Tools for keyword density checker: (or)


The main reason why people link your content is to increase
their dwell time so that their website bounce rate will decrease. Hence their
website traffic and domain authority will be increased.

So that before linking to other content they undergo some
research in terms of how much traffic you getting.

Hence if you fail to bring traffic to your website most of
them will not link your content with them  

So you need to be careful to bring traffic to your website

First, check that you are qualified to get a backlink in terms of

  1. Average monthly traffic whether from local or international
  2. A minimum follower in social media mainly on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
  3. Decent website authority by perfectly optimized on-page SEO website.  
  4. Check whether you have any black hat issue by using google search console
  5. Best in-depth doubt clearing content
  6. Increase your dwell time by including both internal and external link with your content
  7. Include your own or some other niche video link in your content
  8. Check your domain authority, page authority and linking domain of your website as well as your competitor website using Moz tool

For best link building strategy click hear to increase your domain authority.


In 2019 thousands of blogger use social media as their main
traffic source

Because most of the link building strategy like classified
ads, directory submission, web2.0 are outdated so they not able to rank in SERP
this lead to lack of traffic

For those social media is the boom to get instant traffic
and also brand awareness.

Some of the well-known and popular social media tools are

  • Flipboard

Here I have listed out 20 social media website where millions of people gather to hear and research for something they need

Still, there are 20 + website over there in online even though
you need to be active in all network to get traffic

Being active and responsible for all comment and publishing
a post is not an easy task really difficult for more than 20 website

Hence these two methods will help you

  1. Scheduling your post
  2. Monitoring your post


It is the automated way to publish your post on social media, the only thing you need to schedule  the date and time to publish your post



Monitoring in the sense of, you need to engage with as much as a social network. Hear it’s your duty to reply to all your comments from social media followers or group members.

Reply to comment from all social media is tough work also,

So that you need to grab all social network to one place so
that you can see all comment from various social media in one place



So far I covered all SEO checklist with best tips and
tactics to increase traffic

The only thing you need to do is to follow without fail.

And clarification feel free to comment.

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