I am here to share my own success story and strategy that how I getting traffic to my website

At the beginning as a blogger, I struggled a lot to get traffic to my website even 10 visitors per day

So I undergo a certified course on digital marketing, even though I can’t do effectively. There is something stopping me to get traffic to my website

And I realize that a course only teach the basic thing and if you want to be a master you need more than that

So I make many steps to get traffic but all ate failed and I spend my attitude in a different way rather try to get traffic I analyze myself where I lagging and where I committing a mistake 

And that the thing helped me to survive from overcoming my competitor

With the help of free SEO audit tool, I notice that my content is not well optimized in terms of on-page SEO.


Many Blogger consistently telling that content is king so you need to write content for people not for yourself

Yes I agree with them

But in my point of view, the content is not only for people and also for google bot

How important that your content must be easily understood by the reader and same as to google bot

First, your content must be indexed by google search console so that it must be understood by google that what your content is all about

Because only indexed content will be shown in google search engine

So that I telling that create content not only for people
and also for search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

NOTE: For this only way is to do the best on-page SEO optimization effectively



Step 1: Copy your URL

Step 2: Go to google search console

Step 3: Click “URL inspection”

Step 4: Past our URL in search box

Step 5: If it is new content then mostly google will reply that “URL is not on google”

Step 6: Now click “request indexing

Step 7: Now it starts indexing your content

Step 8: Don’t do it multiple time, one time is enough


There are a lot of XML sitemap generating website are there
in google

Step 1: Search for XML site map generator in google search

Step 2: Click the first result in google SUGGESTION

Step 3: Enter your website URL

Step 4: Wait for few second to create an XML sitemap for your website

Step 5: Now download it and save it in any of your folders

Step 6: Upload it into the domain root folder of your website.

Step 7: Then open Google Search console 

Step 8: Now click sitemap in the left side of your dashboard

Step 9: In “add a new sitemap” add your sitemap URL.

NOTE: VIDEO TUTORIAL – How To Add XML Site Map To Website And Search Console For Index Faster

How To Add XML Site Map To Website

Now my content is reached more than 10 visitors per day

But the sad news is by the day’s goes on it getting decreasing

Here I notice that my return visitor to my website is drastically decreasing

The reason is in my content, that I fail to do better on-page optimization effectively


 It is the methodology of how you project your content to your audience and also for google crawler

Also, you need to attract your audience through buy telling a short description about your content in terms of Meta details

Not only that choosing high searchable keyword and topic is more important

Keyword in terms of main focus keyword, secondary keyword, LSI keyword

Using header tag, word count, better call to action procedure is also important

NOTE:  I am here to explain how I get traffic to my website and not how to do on-page SEO. So if you want you can visit how effectively use on-page SEO in your content. This one content is more than enough for all your doubt about on-page SEO

So if you want you can visit how effectively use on-page SEO in your content. This one content is more than enough for all your doubt about on-page SEO

Only through on-page optimization, I can able to explain, what is my content all about to google

After doing perfect on-page SEO traffic to my website increased to 50 to 150 users

But still, it is unstable because of the domain authority of my website very low because it is not enough to compete, my competitor,

The best way to increase domain authority is through link building


Link building is a process of getting a backlink from another website

Keep in mind that no one will link your content with their webpage unless you have good content which grabs more visitor

Hear if your content linked with more similar niche website than google decide that you have quality content and google trust your webpage so that your SERP ranking will increase  

This will bring you a lot of traffic because google bot only show quality and trustable
content to their user

Now building a quality do-follow backlink is not an easy job why I telling means I tried a lot of technique but most of them not bring me success

But hear I listed some method that really brings me a lot of backlinks they are   

  1. Guest posting
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Broken links 
  4. Refurnished (updated) content
  5. tracking your Competitor Backlink
  6. embedded Infographic

I have briefly explained the above method that how to get backlinks within a short period of time

After successfully done my link building strategy my website had some decent domain authority

Now by seeing my competitor domain authority is above 70

I don’t know how to overcome them

In online marketing, there is a sentence that if “content
is the king then marketing is the queen

So now I have realized that even I have low domain authority
compare to my top competitor with the help of marketing I too able to get 1000 visitor
per day


Mr Ankur Agarwal is a successful affiliate marketer and owns a more than 5 to 6 affiliate website and he also has a team to manage them all

Every blogger, website owner, and affiliate marketer main intent is to drive more traffic to my website and ranking

So there is two way to achieve this one is paid and another is a free method

Hear Ankur Agarwal use both methods to get instant traffic and brand awareness

First time I see him in a YouTube advertisement speaking about how to be a success as an affiliate marketer

I notice that his intent is not to get traffic for his YouTube videos rather than to promote himself

He himself visualizes as a successful affiliate marketer through paid YouTube ads.

The reason why he chooses YouTube ads. Because next to the Facebook number of active visitors only on YouTube.

Not only that 80 % of a teenager is an active user of YouTube

Through the YouTube he takes his subscribe to Facebook and conduct more free five doubt clearing section

So that thousands of follower following him on YouTube, Facebook and much more social media within 2 to 3 months

And now he selling his paid affiliate marketing course to their follower

Now you can understand his strategy that he paid some amount to market himself and by using free social media like Facebook to achieve goals

But at that time my motto is to drive traffic only through free because I don’t have money to spend to promote myself through ads.

Hence I choose social media as a weapon to grab traffic to my website



If you are beginner then first concentrate on one social media and use effectively to get 1000 visitor for your own content

After that, you may concentrate on as much as a social network to drive high traffic

Because it is the mistake done by many starters that without knowing the proper way to use social media in terms of traffic how can they
grab success

Instead of that they only get 100 to 200 visitors by handling many social networks without a proper strategy

So that I am telling you that be patient and implement many strategies to get genuine follower and afterwards you know the boundary of social media in terms of what you want it to do and what you don’t do to get more like, follower tweet in the social platform

You want to make your strategy to get more traffic on social networks.




Increase your targeted friend list and convert them as your follower

How to find targeted friends?

Step 1: start a separate page or account that must include your website logo

Step 2: Search for niche group which has more number of active users and verify that the group must own a minimum 50 posts a day, be conscious that select group within your niche

Step 3: Join in that group, before that study the group’s terms and condition

Step 4: Ask user engaging question every day and put the answer at end of the day

Step 5: Post many infographic and video dailies that must trigger more like and comment

Step 6: Promote yourself in those groups by start conversation with who are all commenting for your post

Step 7: By doing this continuously after 2 months you have more than 1000 follower

Step 8: Now start live section and that must be any discussion or doubt clearing section

Repeat this in many groups

For me it takes nearly 2 to 3 months, I think you can achieve
this within a month


You need to know at which time most of your follower is at online because it is the best strategy to grab more visitor as well as follower

In my experience, most of my audience use social media networks from around 12 pm to 2 pm and 9 pm to 11 pm. But you need actual correct time.

You can find these details through google analytics, Facebook insights.

How to schedule your post on social media Step by step procedure?

Step 1: Choose 10 social networks like Facebook, twitter, linked in WhatsApp, Reddit, flicker, Instagram, Pinterest, Digg,
scoop.it, sitemap.

Step 2: Create nearly 10 infographics for one content by changing its design but not the  concept. Do it for 10 content. Now you have 100 infographic

Step 3: Now you want to take first infographics from 10 content

Step 4: Convert them as a clickable image

Step5: Day1: with one infographic for one social media, you need to post your remaining  9 infographics in 9 social media. Now your 10 content will be published in 10 different social networks Now for every content 9 infographic is still balance

Step 6: Now you want to take second infographics from 10 content

Step7: Day2: Do the same procedure as you do on day1.clearly described in the above infographic

Step 8: Daily publish your same post 2 times in terms of morning and evening

Likewise within 10 days by having 10 content using 10 social media network you can post 100 times

If one content get 100 clicks then totally you get 10000 clicks within 10 days for your 10 content

NOTE: Please comment if you really like this article


Quora is one of the best strategies to bring potential audience traffic to your website and also It is the most trusted question and answer social platform that millions of people come here to clear their doubt.

Now let me explain how to get traffic through quora?

Step 1: Search for question in your niche that has less than 10 answers

Step 2: Using keyword planner analyze the search volume for that question

Step 3: Now write answer for that minimum 600 to 1000 word but don’t copy and paste it from your content because of duplicate content issue

Step 4: In that answer link your webpage with the help of anchor text

Step 5: If else create a new question which has high search volume and also competition and writes good doubt clearing answer for your question

Step 6: No doubt that you will get massive traffic

Step 7: If you have more upvote then quora itself show your answer in the top list

Step 8: After placing your webpage link in the post “don’t ever say hi click my website” will lead to spam content. Instead of that “Hai, I found this information in social media you can make use of it”


Medium is the highly popular social bookmarking website

By using the medium you can get really more traffic

Just follow the step to how effectively use medium

Step 1: Download the app from the android play store

Step 2: Log in with your mail

Step 3: Click the “new story” tab

Step 4: Just copy the firs 4 paragraph from your published content and paste it

Step 5: Don’t worry you need not face any duplicate or copyright issue in medium.com because they using the canonical tag.

Step 6: At the end of the fourth paragraph make an anchor text as “continue reading’’ when user click that link it will be directed to your webpage, by this way you can drive massive traffic to your website

Step 7: Now collect user email through push notification or messenger bots

Step 8: it will take only 3 minutes to get traffic through medium because you need not create any content or description instead of that use your existing content itself

Also, it has a follower option so that get more follower for your content 

Now it’s your turn to try it.


The mix is another version of stumbleupon.com

The only thing you need to choose the right category and post your webpage URL in that category

Before publish write user engaging description, because description less content will not drive grab people attention

Don’t use the same description as you have given in meta description.


AT present video marketing is the most trending platform to attract visitor

I think I don’t need more explanation about video marketing because already I have explained the power of YouTube through a case study of Mr.Ankur Agarwall


With the above methods, my number of visits increased gradually but I notice that none of them will share my post

So I find the reason why my posts are not shared by my follower

The main reason behind this is I fail to create an engaging infographic

 Even though I use a tool like canva, infographics it will not reflect my thoughts

So that I learn the basics of Photoshop, to create engaging infographics. I really happening with this


You know that Pinterest is the largest social network to search for an infographic for public user and blogger

Most of the blogger drive more traffic only through Pinterest

Step 1: The main thing you need is very high-quality infographic with perfectly suited for Facebook,

Step 2: twitter and many social network sites

Step 3: For these, I find use only canva or pictograph to learn an outline of the image and download it

Step 4: Now I passed that image in Photoshop and make an additional arrangement with correct trendy mini images and quotes

Step 5: Put the logo below in your infographic whether in bottom or background. It’s mandatory

Step 6: Depend on the number of content on my website, I will create a new board on a Pinterest business account

Step 7: Which means if I had 10 content then I need to create 10 board. In each board, I will post 10 to 15 infographic for the same topic

Step 8: Now I make it as clickable, that link to my webpage content

Step 9: Now I start scheduling my infographic in social network


Apply social media sharing button on your website, so that if people like your content they will share your page on social media through
this button

If you have a WordPress website then use this plugin tool

TOOL: Social warfare

People love to share good stuff on social media



A new company enters the social media platform to increase brand awareness and massive followers to increase their sales within a short period of time.

So that they in need of influencer within their related product.

Find and ask them to promote their website through the infographic

An influencer in all social media, mainly you need to engage with Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit etc.






Top paid tool to find influencer:





It works based on how much credit score you have

Hear you get credit score only by share other website content on Pinterest, mix, twitter, tumbler, and Facebook

By sharing other content in the social platform you get some credit score

Now by donating your credit score to make other people share your content in the social platform

Hence to earn credit score people voluntarily share your content in social media, then only they earn credit score and only by investing their credit score they make other people share their content

By this way they make other people share your content

Most importantly share only your niche article with your audience. By this, you have a chance to be active and increase more targeted followers.


Step 1: Go to add project

Step 2: Upload your content URL, title,

Step 3: choose the credit score you have by sharing others in “project budget

Step 4: Add your URL

Step 5: choose in which social your content needs to be shared

Step 6: Click save

It really brings a lot of traffic and also follower to your content

By this activity of continues, social sharing will increase traffic to your website and domain authority will increase gradually

Share only 5 to 6+ post in a day

Don’t share only for the sake of the credit score. Share the content that exactly match your niche and useful to your audience

At lost consistency is more important


Rule 1: Use this tool only for the top quality content which drives less traffic, because from this also brings backlink too.

Rule 2: Please don’t share any worthless content, and then the drawback is for you only.

Rule 3: republish traffic less post ( content with backlink)

  1. Find a year old content in your website, that does not drive traffic but it must have some backlink
  2. To find that use the tool google analytics
  3. Now update it with
  4. new keyword
  5. new subtopic
  6. include video
  7. include infographic
  8. increase word count
  9. include more question and answer
  10. Finally, mention “updated 2019” in your existing
  11. This means “your topic + updated 2019”


Just follow the same rules and procedure in method 3 viral
content bee


There is an untold rule that you post an article daily it will be more helpful to SEO

It is true?

Actually in my experience practically telling that it will not do a favour for you in anyways

Because you have a lot of work to promote your content in terms of

  • Create 10 to 15 infographic for social media
  • Promote your content through email engage with more social bookmarking
  • And much more activity to do to promoting and increase traffic

But if you post weakly then you have enough time to market your content as well as to prepare new content for next weak

This strategy is not for news based website and agencies with a team member 


 So far I have mentioned all my strategies about how I step by step modify my website that perfectly suitable for traffic.

Till there are more strategies over there, but this is the one you can trust it blindly.

Be patient and implement all the methods I have listed above because the only practical experience will make you even better.  

For further doubt and clarification don’t forget to comment

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